IoT: Full Disclosure Topcon Positioning Net-G5 Receiver

Abstract. This write up is about the discovery of two vulnerabilities (CVE-2019-11326, CVE-2019-11327) in the Net-G5 GNSS Receiver from Topcon Positioning. The Story. The ones who are interested in the vulnerabilities itself can skip this topic. Everyone else is invited to keep reading. Every now and then friends of mine ask me to take a […]

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Digging into a IOT alarm system #0

Abstract. This writeup is a basic introduction on how to setup a basic Man-in-the-Middle scenario for IOT as well as other mobile devices and common pitfalls that can occur during such an assessment. Furthermore, the discovery of a permanent Denial-of-Service vulnerability, due to an unencrypted firmware update process, will be described. Intro. Recently, I stumbled […]